So despite the aching legs and tiredness, I broke the imperial century (100 miles) mark today for the first time. I rode 170km in all – thats 50km more than I’ve ever ridden before.

I felt pretty good for much of the way. Started off with my old Charge Spoon saddle but rode 100 metres and quickly realised why I hadn’t used it in a while so went home and put on the Specialized Romin Evo 155mm, which (due to the Body Geometry cut-out) felt great in the perineal area, but a little uncomfortable on the bruised sit bones. I persisted and felt the sit bone pain on and off throughout the ride, but never too bad.
The San Marco Regale is perfect on the sit bones, but even with a fair amount of forward tilt still puts a little too much pressure on the perineum. I really need some hybrid of the Romin and the Regale.

I chanced upon a restaurant/shop/cafe called Browns Kitchen ( at around 80km into the ride, and it was a great find! They make delicious fresh food. They didnt have any pasta on the menu, but had fresh pasta for sale in the shop and the owner (Mark) suggested the chef could cook me up something especially. Cue a delicious fresh pasta, tomato, pepper and pesto dish, accompanied by a mini loaf with a touch of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Winner. Its a bit far away from where I live but I definitely plan on going there to eat one evening and sampling some stuff from their menu.

As I set off a bit later than I planned – and because the Garmin took me down a couple of dead ends and some footpaths barely suitable for a mountain bike, let alone a road bike – with 30k to go I had to dig deep and pedal hard to make sure I got back before the sun went down. Really didn’t want to have to do that as I wanted my legs to be fresh for tomorrow, but I hammered them for that last while, and I can feel it now for sure.
Should really have had an ice bath when I got back but couldnt face it so opted for a very hot bath instead.

The garmin only recorded 164km as I forgot to start the timer again when I stopped for a pee at around 47km.

164 km in 7h:01m:18s using Endomondo.

via Endomondo Cycling Workout.

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One thought on “I’m feeling ready – today I broke the imperial century mark for the first time – 170km

  • March 25, 2012 at 10:15

    well done, you had a better afternoon than me then! I was sat on the kop watching a shocking second half display. keep up the good work.


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