Great ride out today with 3 other Godric cc members at the 110km Norfolk Mardle Audax event. Took it pretty slowly most of the way going at the pace of the slowest in the group, but didn’t make too bad time.

109.51km – Details

Would have been perfect but for three things:

1 – The weather was a bit pants (could have been worse though!)
2 – My right sit bone is still bruised and the saddle I was trying out today was quite uncomfortable
3 – at 108km I had a blazing row with an idiot car driver that almost ended in a punch up.

Steve and I were heading down back to the start/finish point around 1km away, and traffic slowed to almost standstill – 3 cars in a queue waiting for the first to turn right.
We started slowing down, ready to stop, and the driver of the car at the back decided to overtly swerve in towards the curb. If Steve had gone up on the inside (which he wasn’t doing, thankfully) he would have been taken out completely. I shouted and stuck my finger up at the guy. He returned the gesture, slammed his brakes on and got ready to get out of the car. I think he thought I’d just bottle it, but my blood was boiling and I was ready for a row, so I pulled right up to just behind his door. He opened it, and I just let rip on him. He looked like he really wanted to get out but I think he saw that I wasn’t gonna back down, and thought better of it.

I wouldn’t normally get into confrontations like that on the bike but he could have killed someone, and what he did was deliberate, so I couldn’t help but let him know what I thought of him.

Other than that little incident, had a great day 🙂


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