After yesterdays very challenging 120km, I’d intended to get 80km in today. I ended up doing 112km. (The Garmin only recorded 110 due to me forgetting to start it after a brief stop to check where I was at about 67km at Badingham).

After excruciating sit bone pain yesterday I made some adjustments to my bike setup. I dropped the bars around an inch and a half, and moved the saddle back around 10mm. This had the desired effect of making it easier and more natural for me to move into a position of anterior pelvic tilt, position the sit bones on the saddle with a wide contact area, and shift weight from them. Very happy with this. I still felt pain from them throughout the ride – but the pain was not getting worse – just a result of the bruising from yesterday.

Unfortunately from around 80km onwards the new position made my upper back and shoulders stiff with a burning ache, so the last 30km were again an exercise in mental toughness. There was a point I almost took a shortcut home, but pushed through it and kept on course. Hopefully I’ll get used to this position, and I’ll try and move around a bit more during the ride to prevent this from happening.

Good news is despite the legs aching a little, they didn’t give me too much problems.

Tomorrow will likely be a short ride 50-60km

110.43 km in 5h:02m:09s using Endomondo.

via Endomondo Cycling Workout.

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