So, I was really looking forward to gettintg out on a long ride with Godric CC today. I woke up feeling fresh, had a good bowl of porridge oats and a coffee, geared up and headed out to meet the others.

When I got to Bungay there was some market thing going on, and I had to get off my bike and walk through the town. I was surprised how many people were out and about already! Anyway, I got to the Buttercross (the Godric meeting point) at 9:33am and there was no sign of the others. They knew I was definitely coming out on the ride today so didn’t think they would have left without me, so decided to wait a couple of minutes, assuming others had been delayed by the market like I had.

At 9:35 I went and had a word with the butcher by the Buttercross who told me the others had left just before I’d arrived! Someone else in the butchers told me which way they’d gone.

I quickly got on my bike and set after them, going hell for leather. I had no idea what route they would be taking, but I was told which way they’d started out, so I just pedaled as hard and fast as I could to try and make up ground and catch up with them.

Might as well have been peeing in the wind. All I did was burn myself out and make it more difficult for the rest of the ride so after 20 minutes or so I gave up and resigned myself to just enjoying a solo ride today.

Met a fellow cyclist near Wingfield – just as a I was looking for a cafe for a halfway stop, and he directed me to Wingfield barns where I had a hot chocolate and a slice of carrot cake before getting back on my way.

cycling 87.92 km in 3h:55m:50s using Endomondo.

via Endomondo Cycling Workout.

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