Quite rightly, the majority of backlash against press coverage of Hillsborough is against the Sun.

The shameful lies printed by the paper (as ‘The Truth’) under the direction of Kelvin MacKensie were indefensible, and caused untold hurt and suffering to survivors and bereaved friends and families.

But let’s also not forget that other papers, at least in their initial coverage also printed deeply offensive fabrications:

The Mail: (Police) “vile fans fought us as we tried to help the dying”

The Daily Star: “Dead fans robbed by drunk thug”

The Express: “Police accuse drunken fans” and “Police saw sick spectacle of pilfering from the dying”

The Sheffield Star: “Yobs in sex jibes over girls corpse”

The Yorkshire Post: “Liverpool pickpockets pounced on the dead”

All disgusting lies sourced from the Police and presented in shocking form designed to boost sales of their rag. Despite counter claims from some papers, and later retractions and apologies, the damage had already been done and lies became widely accepted as fact.

At a time when sensitivity towards personal loss should have been paramount, many papers continued the trend set by the South Yorkshire police in working toward their own agendas irrespective of the damage and hurt caused along the way.

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