Yesterday was a very emotional day for me, so I can only imagine what the families and survivors were going through. I didn’t really have a chance to process fully what had transpired and this morning, as I lay in bed, I felt compelled to remember the day in my own words, so I penned this poem.

September the Twelfth

September the twelfth 2012
The day the world heard that the panel had delved
In to thousands of files so the truth could be told
To a trusting public left shocked and cold
But what was revealed had long been known
By ninety six families who had lost their own
By the many survivors who witnessed the crush
And by every Liverpool fan tarred with a brush
“It was all your fault, you killed your own!”
Just one of the lies finally shown
Orchestrated cover ups and a web of deceit
Designed to divert blame away from the feet
Of those who chose to take the cowardly way out
And manipulated the media to cast public doubt
For those 96 people that took their last breath
A coroners verdict of accidental death
An arbitrary 3:15 cut off with no just grounds
Aimed at ensuring the guilty would never be found
‘The Truth’ was the headline for disgusting allegations
The truth is you lied that’s the damning condemnation
Eight thousand five hundred and fifty one days passed by
Since the fifteenth of April Nineteen eighty nine
Finally exposed all the dirty foul tricks
Intended to prevent JUSTICE FOR THE 96

by Ben Williams

2 thoughts on “A Hillsborough Poem – September the Twelfth

  • September 14, 2012 at 13:26

    So moving, beautiful tribute and expresses my own and many others feelings on this day.

  • September 14, 2012 at 20:41

    Dear Ben,
    I have to say that this poem is brilliant. Much more than that, though, it really conveys your heartfelt feelings regarding that terrible event and the pain and heartache that the bereaved families, friends of the victims and innocent survivors had to endure due to the cowardly actions of the guilty ones and the vicious, vindictive lies written by some parts of the press. So so proud of you, son. xxxxxx


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