Quick ride out to test the new saddle, helmet, Edge 500 and changes to bike setup….

First 5 miles as I was warming up were pretty harsh in full on heavy headwinds and crosswinds. Bike felt great though. Will reserve judgement on the saddle until I do some longer rides and get used to it, but initial impressions are positive (though before I went out I made some adjustments to the bike that could have had just as big an impact if not more – flipped the stem up, saddle height up 5mm and saddle back 10mm).

Nice touch that the Edge 500 comes with an extra mount, now positioned on the R800 I’m prepping as the winter steed…

Heres the route I took today. Spent most of the second hard down on the drops, pushing pretty hard:

As you can see the Edge 500 worked well, and it was great not having to keep looking at my wrist for HR data.

I’ll write more about these new bits and bobs when I’m back from holiday and can put some miles in with them.

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