After my most recent bonking, and partly because I’d spent a fair bit on stuff for the bike recently I decided to investigate more cost effective means of avoiding the same fate again without breaking the bank on expensive energy / electrolyte drinks.

I’ve ordered the following:

1KG Maltodextrin (£3.49)
1KG Soy Protein Isolate (£9.49)
1KG Fructose (£6.49)
250g Electrolyte Powder (£8.69)

I plan to mix the powder as follows

750g Maltodextrin (£2.62)
150g Soy Protein Isolate (£1.42)
80g Fructose (£0.52)
20g Electrolyte Powder (£0.70)

Thereby the cost per KG of my magic powder will be £5.26,
approximately 3 to 4 times cheaper than similar brand name drink mixes (savings are even greater on pre-mixed drinks)

I’ll likely mix it around a 6% powder to 94% water ratio with 750ml of water, and probably a little no added sugar squash for taste.

I’ll report back with pictures and my findings!

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